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Friday, August 11, 2006

Johnny's Fried Chicken

Johnny's Fried Chicken (The fried of Markina)

Where it can be found:
Q Plaza, Cainta (6452640)
Sta. Elena, Marikina (6820553)
Manggahan, Pasig City (6820843)
Katipunan, Quezon City (4335321)

Type of dining place:
fast food/resto type (unlike typical fast food, Johnny's will cook your food after you've ordered for it)

Type of food served:

Upside: You can also make bulk orders for most of the dishes they serve. Food tastes good so you will get your money's worth, especially if you buy in bulk (e.g. isang bilaong pansit). They also deliver (I think.... I've seen motorcycles outside their place so am just making an assumption)

The place itself is small so it's not really the type of place where you can bring all your friends and hang out there.
They do not serve that many dishes. Their menu consists of popular Filipino breakfast meals (e.g. tapsilog), different types of pansit (e.g. pansit bihon, pansit luglog) and other fried Filipino foods. For those who are health and figure conscious, take note that this kainan lives up to its slogan (read: almost all of the food in their menu are fried).
Also, there are not that many branches around Manila so if you really want to get a taste of Johnny's you should go to the East side of Manila and scout for their branches.

Budget for 1 person:
For less than P100, you can get rice, viand and a drink.

Must try:
Fried chicken (their specialty), pancit bihon, lumpiang shanghai

Honest recommendation:
Personally, I think that the price is a bit expensive considering the look and feel of the place (unless if you are buying in bulk and you will bring the food home, then it would be okay). If you live near any of the branches, I'd recommend you try the food (theit fried chicken is really good). However, if you live far from the branches listed above or worse, you don't even know where Marikina, Cainta, etc. are, then it's not really worth your time and energy to look for this resto/fastfood since there are other Filipino restos around Metro Manila that serve the same dishes (Max's would be a great alternative).


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